Feng Shui Kitchen Paint Colors

The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially when it come to feng shui. Your cooking space is where you nurture and sustain… read more

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How To Determine If a House Has Structural Damage

Structural damage can be devastating as a homeowner. Foundation issues can be very costly, inconvenient, and extensive. As a potential homebuyer, knowing what to look for can help you avoid costly renovations to a newly purchased home. As a homeowner, knowing what to watch for in your home can help to ease your mind or remind you to fix problems before they get worse.

Inside The House

The following could all be warning signs that your home may be experiencing some structural problems:


    • Cracks appearing on walls or floors, especially over doorways and window frames


    • Doors that are stuck or don’t close correctly


    • Water seeping into the attic or basement


    • Windows that stick or won’t close properly


    • Uneven, sloping floors


While it is typical of most homes to settle over time, any of these issues seeming to appear out of nowhere or these problems getting worse are a sign that something may be wrong.

Outside The House:

Flaking and chipping concrete foundation walls can be a sign of structural damage that is possibly caused by drainage issues. You should also look for any signs that pieces of the house are drifting apart, such as brick work opening up cracks more than 1/8” or a crack along a chimney that shows it beginning to separate from an outside wall. It is usually considered that the bigger the cracks in walls or foundations, the bigger the structural problem.

Being aware of any probable structural damage can help potential home buyers avoid possible headaches, and can help homeowners to fix any problems early.

To find a contractor that deals with structural damage in San Diego, please visit this website.

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Wilderness Retreat

Who says living in the wilderness means roughing it? This home would be a wilderness dream, pairing luxurious living with access to the great outdoors. Made of wood and stone, this home blends naturally with its surroundings…. learn more

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Building Your Home

Choosing to build new or to buy a pre-existing home can be a weighty and overwhelming decision. Make sure you understand the positives of building before you make up your mind.

1. Get Exactly What You Want.

Choosing to build your home means that you get to pick nearly everything, from the layout, to the faucets in your sinks, to the paint colors on the walls. When building a new home, the choice is yours in almost all aspects of the house.

2. Fewer Harmful Toxins.

Older homes are more likely to harbor health concerns, such as asbestos, lead paint, or mold hiding in walls. With advances in home construction materials, newly built homes are unlikely to have the same problems.

3. Fewer Safety Issues.

Older home can have faulty wiring hiding in walls or unexposed leaks that are rotting floorboards. With a newer home, electrical wiring and plumbing systems shouldbe up to code from the moment they are built.

4. Brand New Appliances and Heating/Cooling Systems.

New appliances will be covered under warranty, andthey are also typically safer than older models. Innovative heating/cooling systems and new appliances are also more energy efficient, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.

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Storybook Home

This lovely home belongs in a storybook. Complete with flowering window boxes and white picket fence, this is a timeless cottage with modern amenities and room to move around. Each room positively glows with comfort and style….read more

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Choosing The Perfect Color To Complement Each Room

Picking the perfect color to complement a room can be a challenging decision, but with a little help from your color wheel, it will be easier than you previously thought. There are the basic principles of color such as the division between primary and secondary hues. After that, there are more rules regarding warm versus neutral or analogous versus complimentary. Whether you are repainting the entire room or just finishing up an accent wall, decide how you want your room to feel. Do you want it to be a tranquil and calming environment? Would you prefer a louder space for parties or social gatherings? A room’s décor affects the individuals experiencing it, so figuring out what you want is imperative to creating the perfect space.

First, there are warm, cool and neutral colors. Warm colors are going to be more vibrant such as reds, oranges and yellows. These tones can make you feel like the sun is sitting in the room with you. If you want to make a bold statement, these will be your go to hues. Cool colors tend to be more relaxing or subdued. Blues, greens and purples traditionally inspire harmonious and peaceful settings. Neutral colors are known for their flexibility. Blacks, whites and browns can be integrated into almost any color scheme without detracting from the intended atmosphere.

At the most basic, complimentary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. For instance, blue and orange are complimentary. Your eyes naturally want to see orange after experiencing a lot of blue or vice versa. By nature, the compliments represent opposing ends of the spectrum so they play up each other’s intensity. The contrast yields an inherent energy in any room yet the combination still makes visual sense. Triadic or split complimentary schemes can give you more variety while still affording you great contrast. These schemes are based on three main colors and are a great way to incorporate both warm and cool colors into your room.

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Dream Home for Entertaining

From the magnificent exterior greeting guests to its welcoming backyard oasis, this dream home would be perfect for entertaining. The neutral colors are carried throughout the interior and exterior, creating an elegant yet welcoming space…learn more

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