Differences Between Marble and Granite in Your Home

Granite and marble are both stones that look beautiful in the home as floor tiles, backsplashes, countertops, accents, or fireplace surrounds. Both offer a feeling of sophistication to a room, but the similarities end there. These two stones are formed differently, and thus have different qualities. Choosing the right stone is easy once you learn about these differences.


This stone is formed in the bottom of bodies of water. Made largely from the remnants of calcium sediments like shells, animal skeletons, and silt, it takes millions of years and tons of pressure for the sediment to harden and become stone. Because marble is formed under pressure, it is porous. This makes it a poor choice for kitchen counter tops because it can stain. Despite its porosity, it is a durable product. Marble works great in bathrooms, as accents, or around a fireplace. Marble usually comes in black or white, with marbling throughout.


Granite is formed deep in the earth from molten lava. As the lava rises, it cools and hardens. Because granite is formed in an intense heat environment it is harder than marble and less porous. This makes it great for many applications including flooring, backsplashes, and countertops. Granite comes in two styles— consistent and variegated. Consistent has roughly the same pattern throughout the slab, whereas variegated has veining or swirling patterns of different colors.

No matter which stone you choose, you will love the elegant look at feel of the stone. To learn more about concrete slabs in San Diego for your home, visit this website.


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